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Triple Glazing

More warmth. More Secure. Less noise

Elements triple glazing has the highest possible energy rating available.  The windows and doors are made up of 3 panes of glass, instead of just 1 or 2.  Between each pane of glass is a small gap which is filled with insulation gas.  Because of this extra pane of glass, triple glazing is better at reducing heat loss and keeping your home warmer.  It also helps to insulate your home from outside noises, and improves your property’s security.

More Warmth

The energy efficiency of a window is measured using the U –Value, which measures how well a window prevents heat escaping from your home.  The lower the U-value, the better the window is retaining heat.

New double glazing has a U-value of about 0.8.  But what does this mean?  Put simply triple glazing will make your home more comfortable than double glazing by keeping the air temperature more warmer.  This means you’ll be able to save money on your energy bills with triple glazing rather than spending money on new double glazing.

Triple glazing’s superior thermal performance has meant it’s been awared an energy rating of A++ - the higest rating possible,  The maximum energy rating that double glazing has received is A+.

More Secure

The extra pane of glass that comes with triple glazing means that your windows are stronger and harder to break than double glazed windows.  Combined with security features such as multi point locking systems and high security glass, triple glazing can give you more peace of mind over the safety of your home.

Less Noise

Acoustic glazing triple glazing windows are far better than new double glazed windows at insulating your home from external sounds, because of their extra pane of glass.   If you live in a noisy area such as a busy road or motorway, or have excessively noise externally triple glazing will certainly reduce any external noise coming in to your home.

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